Russia’s Flowery Fake News

Glasnost Gone

I’m wondering just how bad Russian occupied Ukraine must be when they’re reduced to posting fake images of flowers? On Russia’s social media VK, Inside Donetsk claimed
– “For the first time in the botanical garden of Donetsk, the Bird of Paradise Flower (Strelitz) bloomed.” The only downside to this eye catching news being the picture is from at least 2013.

Inside Donetsk post the official (propaganda) news for Russia’s puppet Donetsk people’s republic. For impact, their posts are routinely accompanied by unrelated or outdated pictures. This image fakery is especially prevalent when posting fake news about the Ukrainian army.

So why post fake pictures?
The reason is self-evident from the below screen grab. The flower picture prompted 185 people to like the post, 15 shared it and some 4.5 thousand clicked on it. Now, the flower may well have “bloomed” and the Donetsk botanical garden’s maybe indeed be overflowing…

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Minsk 2 & More Russian Jokes

Glasnost Gone

Those Russian jokes keep on coming.
The only thing we want to happen promptly, is for the Russian army to stop killing Ukrainians and to fuck off back to Russia.

This nonsense tweet and others like it via Russia’s OSCE delegation is for the benefit of today’s United Nations Security Council meeting. With the meeting covering the conflict in eastern Ukraine, the Kremlin’s pushing hard that Ukraine is the bad guy. The whole Minsk 2 agreement (Minsk 1 failed) agreed in Feb 2015 has been a total failure. The Kremlin simply uses it as a means to do nothing, saying we wont do this until Ukraine does that.

Supposedly helping bring an end to the conflict and making up the so-called Normandy Four countries (+ Ukraine and Russia), the Minsk agreement also gives Germany and France a do nothing get-out clause. All we hear from them is “all sides must…

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Front Line News

Glasnost Gone

The Kremlin’s long-term plan to keep the conflict simmering, but never intense enough to attract the attention of the worlds media and politicians, is continuing. The Ukrainian military Face Book page for more front line info.

Wednesday: Russia’s forces doing their utmost to masquerade as humans, opened up 11 times, 3 of which used heavy weapons. Luckily they didn’t kill anyone, but it’s not from want of trying. Feb 4th pics show the results of Russian shelling in the Ukrainian held village of Travneve.

When the shells landed, the humanitarian organisation Mission Proliska was distributing aid in Travneve and the adjacent village of Hladosove (they’ve spelt the names differently). Both villages lie north of the large Russian occupied town of Horlivka.
Below is their tweet on the subject.

Hladosove & Travneve villages can be seen in the top middle.

Tuesday: Using mortar fire, Russia’s forces tried to advance their positions towards…

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Kleptocracy in America: Russian-style corruption, driven by global oligarchs, enabled by US elites — Sound Books

As Naomi Klein documents in her classic and seminal book The Shock Doctrine, disasters and upheavals are the bread-and-butter of global looters, who use the collapse of civil society or the default of debtor states to nationalize state assets at pennies on the dollar, then milk them into further crises, which create more chances for […]

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Ahval: Turkish historian launches digital archive documenting Armenian genocide — ResearchBuzz: Firehose

Ahval: Turkish historian launches digital archive documenting Armenian genocide. “Turkish historian Taner Akçam, a professor of Armenian genocide studies at Clark University in Massachusetts, has launched a digital archive of evidence collected by an Armenian genocide survivor which documents the atrocities of 1915…. [The archive] contains thousands of original Ottoman documents and Guerguerian’s unpublished writings, […]

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On the Age of Faith and Its False Portrayal

The Hunting Call

The age of faith, commonly known as the medieval period, the Middle Ages or by some the dark ages. A time, it is commonly supposed, which was dogged by superstition, ignorance, a progress stifling church, and the burning of scientists and for that matter anyone who the church didn’t like. Such an image is of course not only fanciful, but demonstrably false. Yet, for its evident falsity, it is still the common image of the Middle Ages in the mind of the average person. Why is this?

Simply put it’s because this is the common image that has been put forward since the enlightenment, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and the view that is still propagated by the media. If one were to ask the common man what he thought the average person looked and lived like, he would probably say dirty, brutish and short. But…

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Time’s Carnival — Break The Code

…life continues, but time has somehow stopped. —Mark Fisher, Ghosts of My Life “Every man is not only himself, Men are lived over again.” —Sir Thomas Browne Rereading Mark Fisher on the bleakness our impossible lives, about the leaking in of Time, the slow drift into a timeless hell in which we are all […]

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