Ep. 28 Last chance

Gerhard's Journey

IM000300.JPG 24-year-old Josef Stalin.

Meanwhile in Moscow, Lenin was losing his grip on the revolution after suffering several strokes. In his final weeks of life he provided the Soviets with his own succession plan known as “Lenin’s testament.” The bottom line was: anybody but Stalin.[1] Party leaders read the document once, discussed it, and then conscientiously ignored it; in fact, any subsequent reference to the testament was considered anti-Soviet agitation.[2] “… Stalin decreed that Lenin’s testament did not exist; attempts to refer to it were denounced as treachery.”[3] Stalin remained as General Secretary, surrounded himself with friends, punished his enemies and established the first Five Year Plan. For Gerhard and his family this was the end of life as they knew it.

Lenin and stalin Lenin and Stalin  in 1922.

A primary purpose of the Five Year Plan was to collectivize Russia’s agricultural land. By 1930 almost all of the thousands…

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History Facts: New York Times Fake News and Cover Up of Ukrainian Genocide—Fraud of the Century

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History Facts:

The History of Fake News in the United States

Jarrett Stepman

Part 2: New York Times Fake News and Cover Up of Ukrainian Genocide—Fraud of the Century

Through all the angst over fake news, fraudulent journalists, and media hyperbole, the American republic will survive. In the end, fake news peddlers will only damage their own reputations and bring doubt on their reporting. Fortunately, our freedom isn’t dependent on the musings of the White House press corps. It hinges on the Constitution and the liberty it was created to protect.

Some glamorize the era in which a few television companies and big newspapers became media gatekeepers, similar to the model that currently exists in France. This nostalgia for “more responsible” journalism ignores the fact that some of the most egregious fake news blunders were perpetrated by an unchecked centralized press. Perhaps the worst offense of all came from The New…

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