Front Line News – More Shelling & Russia Downs an OSCE UAV

Glasnost Gone

The increased daily attrition along the front line shows no sign of letting up.
Use of mortars and infantry fired guided missiles is on the up. What we have in eastern Ukraine is modern day tit-for-tat warfare. Russia’s forces fire and Ukrainian troops fire back. Also at this time, you can add into the mix the Ukrainian presidential elections. The Kremlin will be keen to blame president Poroshenko for any increased fighting, especially if any civilians get killed or wounded.

Yesterday, Ukraine reported Russia’s forces fired 117 Russian mortar shells at Ukrainian held territory. In total they opened up 12 times, with a further 3 firing attacks launched so far today. Four Ukrainian soldiers were reported wounded yesterday.

The OSCE report below details how one of their UAV was downed over Russian occupied territory. Feb 18th it crashed near Berdianka in the Luhansk Oblast (province) of Ukraine. For some time…

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