Russia’s Flowery Fake News

Glasnost Gone

I’m wondering just how bad Russian occupied Ukraine must be when they’re reduced to posting fake images of flowers? On Russia’s social media VK, Inside Donetsk claimed
– “For the first time in the botanical garden of Donetsk, the Bird of Paradise Flower (Strelitz) bloomed.” The only downside to this eye catching news being the picture is from at least 2013.

Inside Donetsk post the official (propaganda) news for Russia’s puppet Donetsk people’s republic. For impact, their posts are routinely accompanied by unrelated or outdated pictures. This image fakery is especially prevalent when posting fake news about the Ukrainian army.

So why post fake pictures?
The reason is self-evident from the below screen grab. The flower picture prompted 185 people to like the post, 15 shared it and some 4.5 thousand clicked on it. Now, the flower may well have “bloomed” and the Donetsk botanical garden’s maybe indeed be overflowing…

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