On the Age of Faith and Its False Portrayal

The Hunting Call

The age of faith, commonly known as the medieval period, the Middle Ages or by some the dark ages. A time, it is commonly supposed, which was dogged by superstition, ignorance, a progress stifling church, and the burning of scientists and for that matter anyone who the church didn’t like. Such an image is of course not only fanciful, but demonstrably false. Yet, for its evident falsity, it is still the common image of the Middle Ages in the mind of the average person. Why is this?

Simply put it’s because this is the common image that has been put forward since the enlightenment, which has been passed down from generation to generation, and the view that is still propagated by the media. If one were to ask the common man what he thought the average person looked and lived like, he would probably say dirty, brutish and short. But…

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