The Panopticon Theory


Causing the exertion of self imposed pressure, so as to be coerced to comply in a specific manner by an unknown and unverified presence, this is the goal of The Panopticon Theory.

In the elite world of digital video surveillance and advanced closed circuit television monitoring, we leverage this theory to a great extent to apply pressure to the people that we have under video surveillance.

In its origins, the Panopticonwas proposed as a model prison by Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832), a Utilitarian philosopher and theorist of British legal reform.


The Panopticon (“all-seeing”) functioned as a round-the-clock surveillance machine.

Its design ensured that no prisoner could ever see the ‘inspector’ who conducted surveillance from the privileged central location within the radial configuration.

The prisoner could never know when he was being surveilled.

It was this mental uncertainty that in itself would proved to be a crucial instrument of discipline of…

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