Twitter Rewards Russia’s Invasion of Crimea

Glasnost Gone

Meanwhile on Twitter, they’ve officially recognised Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russian occupied Crimea. The adding of a blue tick to an account indicates it has been verified as genuine by Twitter. Worryingly, this means Twitter officially supports countries who invade and occupy other countries, along with those who crush free speech and democracy. In Russia’s case, that’s all the above.

Seen below, the Russian account in question clearly states it’s based inside Crimea, in the city of Simferopol. Today urging them to delete the account, Ukraine’s embassy in the UK has made an official complaint to Twitter.

Yesterday, along with others in the past, I highlighted this rewarding of oppression, by asking Twitter why the hell they did it. Please feel free to join in.

twitter 1crimea
Ukraine’s London embassy tweet.

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