Russia’s Soldiers in Ukraine Increasing their Aggression Towards the OSCE

Glasnost Gone

Now, intimidation of the OSCE by Russia’s forces is nothing new. Not a day goes by when their daily reports don’t include incidents where monitors have either been ordered to leave an area, or refused passage through a checkpoint. However, over Christmas we saw a rise in armed aggression directed at several OSCE patrols. Remembering that OSCE monitors are unarmed and include women, this does not bode well.

Dec 24th 2018: A drunken soldier vandalized a patrol vehicle and was abusive towards the monitors inside.

Jan 2nd 2019: Two armed soldiers were abusive towards monitors. They then followed a patrol vehicle, with one the men threatening those inside by saying – “This is the last time I’m going to tell you to leave.”

These ugly threats and intimation stem from Russia’s twofold need to stop the OSCE from seeing their military activities, and the Kremlin’s own anti-OSCE agenda. Russia’s propaganda…

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