Russia’s Propagandists are Getting Banned from Twitter

Glasnost Gone

We all know social media is key to Russia’s propaganda. And as we’ve seen in the US, it’s equally vital to the Kremlin’s attempts to influence elections/events. So, it’s jolly nice to now see Twitter suspending some of Russia’s paid propagandists. People whose primary job is the encouragement of hatred towards Ukraine.

To hide their suspension stupidity, Russia’s now slightly less useful idiots drone on about how western governments must have put pressure on Twitter to ban them. Whereas the more mundane reality is, it’s just ordinary people taking the time to report their hate-filled, fake news tweets. They played Russia’s propaganda game and lost.

Header picture shows Phillips in military uniform celebrating with Russia-led soldiers in eastern Ukraine.

Graham Phillips, a former sex blogger who has a troubling liking for young girls, was suspended in Nov 2018. His continual posting of “hateful content” against Ukraine, including a recent video…

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