Fire at Vast Military Depot Supplying Russia’s Forces in Ukraine

Glasnost Gone

Starting fires in ammunition supply depots is on the list of things to avoid. Starting fires in ammo depots which supply your occupation forces in a foreign country is definitely on the not-to-do list.

Yesterday, taking my usual spin around Google Earth, I noticed there had been a small fire at Russia’s vast supply depot at Russkoye. Built in Aug 2014, it supplies Russia’s forces in eastern Ukraine with ammunition and other military necessities. With hundreds of thousands, if not millions of wooden crates of ammunition all stacked out in the open, any fire has the potential for catastrophic consequences.

Fires relating to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are nothing new. April 2015 saw one engulf the large Russian base at Kuzminka (or Golovinka). On video, soldiers, tanks and vehicles can be seen trying to escape the exploding ammo inferno. (See video below).

Russkoye 3
Russkoye Depot 2015: Russian soldiers standing next to the…

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