Daily Roundup of News

Glasnost Gone

Morning all. Nice and sunny here in the UK (again).
Can I first say a thank you to everyone who supports my blog, Contrary to some assumptions, it’s just little me doing everything. Constantly researching, analyzing images, making videos, checking Russia’s propaganda, checking Russia’s forces in Ukraine, checking websites, posting here and on Twitter, makes for a rather rushed full day. So with that in mind, please except my apologies if my writing is a tad erratic at times. I’m the Russian equivalent of a GRU officer sent to Salisbury. I know what I should do, but I sometimes get it wrong.

On with the news.

Front Line.
looks like Russia’s forces have woken up. Last few days had seen a reduction in their firing, but now they’re back up to average figures. Over last 24hrs, they launched 34 attacks, wounding 4 Ukrainian soldiers. It’s simply a numbers game. The…

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