Russia Losing the War of the Churches (6)

To Inform is to Influence

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Nothing is more Russian than self-flagellation when they can make themselves appear the victim of any situation.  Unfortunately, Russia is the victim of their own doing.  Russia had a good thing going with Ukraine, then Russia literally overstepped the boundaries, and pissed off an entire country.  A former friendly country is now an avowed opponent. Most Ukrainians would even call Russia an enemy. 

Russia has lost the “War of the Orthodox Churches”, yet they continue to dig their hole deeper. Is that hole a grave?  

Russian arrogance, Russian bravado, and Russian childish playground bully tactics caused the Universal Patriarch to side with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The Russian Orthodox Church bore the Khlysts (whip in Russian), who were rumored to use self-flagellation. Some habits die hard.

</end editorial>

Another update, the Russians are indeed playing out their game plan here, as it has been…

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