A Soldiers Life on the Front Line

Glasnost Gone

Good video with English voice over.
Gives you a little insight into life on the front line. Positioned in the industrial zone, these are Ukrainian soldiers defending the front line town of Avdiivka. They talk about how they make their bunkers livable and the routine firing provocation by Russia-led forces.

Map 1

Avdiivka has endured 4 long years of Russian shelling. Located opposite the occupied city of Donetsk, its had a good deal of Russia’s forces in Ukraine ranged against it. On the outskirts of the town, the industrial zone highlighted in red is one of the hottest conflict areas inside eastern Ukraine. With only a few hundred meters between them, never a day or night goes by without Russia’s forces firing on the Ukrainian positions. Russian shells have turned the factories, business premises and surrounding houses into a desolate wasteland, reminiscent of blitzed cities during WW2.

Map 3
July 2017.

Map 4
July 2014.

Map 5


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