Looking Back at How Russia’s Army Invaded Ukraine

Glasnost Gone

On August 7th 2018, the OSCE filmed Russian army convoys crossing in and out of Ukraine. My video below outlines this event and their UAV footage.

With Sept 2014 seeing the Russian army pouring across the border, I thought we look back at how Russian army convoys crossed in and out of Ukraine 4 years ago. For this we use good old Google Earth.

Column 6
Just 6km from the Russian border, our focus is on the Ukrainian village of Kumachove in Ukraine’s Donetsk Oblast (province)

Column 5
Near Kumachove is the small Ukrainian border crossing of Shramko. Further inside Ukraine (top left) is the town of Komsomolske. This town has a rail link to other parts of Ukraine. It’s this area Russian army convoys are seen heading towards.

Russian convoy 7
Our area of interest.

Russian convoy 8August 2014 and the area inside Russia near the Shramko border crossing is a hive of activity. Large groups of Russian…

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