Russia’s Funeral Fakery – Zakharchenko

Glasnost Gone

With the death of Zakharchenko, Russia’s once again used a funeral as propaganda opportunity. Naturally the Kremlin’s jolly keen to show the majority of those living in occupied Ukraine support their sham republics and dislike Ukraine and its Government.  This keenness comes in form of the now routine gross exaggeration the number of people attending the funerals of Russia’s puppet leaders and military commanders in Ukraine.

Cue Russian state media and Russia’s pet propagandists like Graham Phillips quoting impressive figures ranging from 120,000 – 200,000.  However photos and film footage can be deceptive. The OSCE report on the event provides us with the only independent assessment of the numbers. On the day they only observed “several thousand” people “gathered in front of the opera house at 82 Artema Street for a pre-announced “lying-in-state ceremony.” This accurate assessment is born out by the photos and film footage only showing the crowd…

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