Anti-Oedipus vs unconditional accelerationism?

Deterritorial Investigations

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“Accelerationism and wages for housework : In my course on Whitehead and Deleuze we’re discussing the Anti-Oedipus. Discussing accelerationism (it is hard to read the book without seeing it coming from more or less everywhere) lead us to compare Deleuze and Guattari’s emphasis on the limits to schizophrenization that capital has to maintain – it is not a body without organs and the Oedipus separates it from a full schiza – with the idea, that Land (and others) have defended, that capital is the ultimate decoder of flows and therefore that the limits of capital can only be overcome by capital itself. The main issue is then whether the Oedipus – nuclear family-oriented desire, private life, the individual, reproduction placed outside the socius where production and distribution takes place – is really a limit of capitalism (D&G talk about relative limits…). This is the main contention that separates their…

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