Propaganda war against Ukraine’s aspirations to gain Tomos on autocephaly

To Inform is to Influence

This article highlights arguments used by Russia against the establishment of a separate Ukraine Orthodox Church. 

Oleksandr Sagan,, and Stop Fake do a good job countering all of Russia’s points. 

Of note, Russia is using both diplomats and clerics to makes these points, as if this were a governmental matter. 

</end editorial>

By Oleksandr Sagan , theologist, for

Among the external factors opposing the receipt by the Orthodox Ukrainians of Tomos from the Patriarch of Constantinople, it’s the Russian factor that dominates above others. It consists of religious and secular components (the division into which, however, is conditional in present-day Russia).In the international arena, Moscow continues to oppose the recognition of Ukrainian autocephaly, actively involving not only the clerics of the Russian Orthodox Church, but also its diplomatic corps. This is especially noticeable in countries with their own Orthodox autocephalous churches. It is about the attempts to convince the local…

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