Lecture: Eddie Chambers on “Caribbean Artists Visualizing Enslavement”

Repeating Islands

detailThe National Art Gallery of The Bahamas extends and invitation to a public lecture— Caribbean Artists Visualising Enslavement—by cultural critic, writer, and professor Eddie Chambers on Thursday, June 21, 2018, at 7:00pm. 

Description: With so much of the New World being built on enslavement, it’s not surprising that slavery’s legacies should continue to exercise so many artists, not only of the Caribbean region, but also those of what we might call the Caribbean diaspora. These artists visualise slavery in an astonishingly broad range of ways, and one particularly fascinating aspect of this visualisation are the ways in which visual articulations of enslavement act as a means of animating decidedly contemporary challenges. Caribbean artists are extraordinarily adept at making innovative, challenging, aesthetically cogent work, and a notable strand of this is work that turns its attention to the formidable and ongoing task of visualizing slavery and its multiple legacies.


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