Ep. 20 Nestor Makhno: freedom fighter, or terrorist? It depends who you ask.

Gerhard's Journey

In the last episode we saw how the Mennonite army developed while protected by the German military. Today we see the Mennonite nemesis Nestor Makhno evolving right under their noses.

For the villagers, life returned to normal. Harvest was plentiful in 1918, the mills and factories went back to work and the German army had their back. Gerhard entered the first grade in elementary school and his sister would follow in the coming year. But then, more than a thousand miles away, the inevitable happened – the war in the west was lost. The war was over and German soldiers were going home.

World War lossesAs part of the peace treaty Germany gave up her gains and withdrew from Ukraine. Before the Red or the White army could fill the vacuum, Nestor Makhno, the historical nemesis of the Mennonites, and his anarchist Insurrectionary Army moved in.

Nestor Makhno 1918Batko Nestor Makhno – means…

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