The US Media: Useful Idiots Colluding With Russia To Divide America


The mainstream U.S. media has done more to divide our nation than Putin could have ever dreamed.

The Russians weren’t trying to help Donald Trump. They weren’t even trying to hurt Hillary Clinton. They were trying to stoke division. But the media has spent 18 months ignoring that reality, claiming instead the Russians wanted Trump to win and he probably colluded with them in order to make that happen.

The really unfortunate part is that the media know what they’re doing. They know they’re creating more division here in America. They know they’re lying. But they don’t care because consistent with their leftist ideals, they believe the ends justify the means. And so instead of reporting honestly and in good faith on real issues that deserve real coverage, the media are doing Putin’s bidding by pushing fake news that creates distrust and disunity among the American people.

I can hear…

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