Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Camps

Glasnost Gone

I’ll soon be posting more videos covering Russia’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine camps. Here’s a preview of some of the pictures I’ll be using. This is the camp, outside the small town of Latonovo, in Russia’s Rostov Oblast (province). We can see two photos taken by Russian soldiers, which match up with the two satellite images from Google Earth and Yandex. Sat images are from Sept 2014 and show a very large combat unit, with tanks, artillery, armoured fighting vehicles and trucks etc. All of Russia’s invasion camps were positioned close to the Ukrainian border, with this one being just 22 km away.


Tank crewman (see his shadow) has taken a 360 degree photo, whilst standing on the row of tanks, which I’ve highlighted in yellow on the below Yandex, sat image.

Force 7DG8S4-LXUAAlW7p_Wondershare

Above soldiers pic matches the below Sept 5th, 2014 Google Earth image. Photo taken from the area highlighted…

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