Congressman Ro Khanna, Please Retract, Revise, And/Or Rethink Your Letter

To Inform is to Influence

This issue was pasted as a link on my Facebook page by a dear friend living in Kyiv.  I read the letter from the Vaad of Ukraine and was alarmed.  The letter was sent as a response to a letter posted by Congressman Ro Khanna, (D-CA-17).  

In doing some basic research in Congressman Khanna, I found he has fallen susceptible to Russian propaganda previously. Did California’s Ro Khanna get duped by Russia’s propaganda? Once is a problem. Twice is a tragedy.  More than likely look to a staffer in his office who is being fed Russian propaganda. 

I got to the fourth line of Congressman Khanna’s letter and could certify Russian propaganda influence: “The groups and individuals extolled by Ukraine include Nazi collaborators Stepan Bandera,…”  The only people who call Bandera a Nazi collaborator are the Russians, and they say it often.  Bandera, you see, was a long-time Ukraine nationalist who…

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