US calls on Russia to Pull its forces Out of Ukraine.

Glasnost Gone

This week has again seen workers at the vital, Donetsk city, water filtration station, shot at and injured. Station treats water for some 350,000 people, both in Russian occupied territory and Ukrainian. Site is surrounded by military forces from both sides. Russian led forces occupy two sides, with dug in positions just a few hundred yards away. Other sides are held by Ukraine. At this stage, it’s not known who fired on them, but with Russia’s propaganda screaming Ukraine did it, my monies on Russia. Thankfully, the OSCE are now escorting the workers back and forth, which will hopefully keep them safe.

Due to this incident, US Dept of State posted the below statement. Repeated their call for – “Russia to withdraw its forces from eastern Ukraine and fully implement its commitments under the Minsk agreements. As Russia instigated this conflict and continues to arm, train, lead, and fight alongside its…

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