The Circular Economy and Our Oceans


How can the circular economy movement help to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans? Many have heard of the ‘circular economy’, but what actually is it? What does it aim to do?

The circular economy is an economic framework promoting activity that builds and rebuilds overall system health. Right now, we have a linear economy, with a ‘take, make and dispose’ industrial system and everyday lifestyle. The linear economy is unsustainable and it is closely linked to pollution, which is having devastating impacts on organisms and humans.

The circular economy is a more sustainable one. As a model, it aims for systems to run on and generate energy through renewable resources. It distinguishes between biological and technical cycles, aiming for everything to flow and no waste to be created. Technical cycles focus on recovering, restoring, remanufacturing and recycling products to reduce waste and save money. The products that are made…

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