How Russia Promotes Terrorism on YouTube

Glasnost Gone

My latest video covers how easy it is for Russia to promote terrorism on YouTube. Reason for this, is due to Google’s obvious lack of knowledge about the conflict in Ukraine. This naivety allows Russian-backed mercenary units fighting in Ukraine to post recruitment videos, ones which encourages hatred towards Ukrainians by the use of terms like Nazi’s, gives advice on how to break the law and even how to rip off crowdfunding companies.

If this was an Islamic State video, it would be deleted, but evidently YouTube is totally cool about the killing of Ukrainian men, women and children.

It’s also an insight into how the Kremlin uses western speaking, useful idiots. Being American, former drug smuggler Russell Bentley, is used for this style of anti Ukraine propaganda. Reports from occupied Ukraine claim he’s an aggressive man, who drinks heavily. For repeated foulmouthed abuse and threats towards people including women…

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