#PutinAtWar: Trolls on Twitter

To Inform is to Influence

An outstanding article which shows how Russian trolls continue to amplify and promote issues favorable to Russia or detrimental to the US, the West, or Democracy.  

I can’t count how often during just the past week alone I have pointed this out to experts, reporters, and friends.  Russian information warfare is not just active prior to a US election, however.  They are carrying on nonstop, around the clock, 24 x 7 x 365.  The problem of Russian information warfare cannot be encapsulated into one simple issue, however. Russian information warfare includes a gigantic propaganda machine which is a sleek attempt to look like legitimate news but is not. This includes RT and Sputnik, for instance. There is a central planning cell, which orchestrates and issues guidance to the media, to the heads of the government, to the rest of the government, to NGOs, and yes, to the trolls.  Simultaneously, there are active attempts to…

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