The U.S. Special Counsel Indictments

To Inform is to Influence

Anonymous expert compilation, analysis, and reporting.

I differ with the anonymous expert’s opinion that Russia focused on the US, only the majority of the media coverage is on the US. Over the past four years I have seen Russia focus its Information Warfare machine on Ukraine, Syria, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Czechia, France, and every country that is not Russia – with very few exceptions. Every country has felt pressure from Russia in different ways, from military to economic to informational, even legal, and diplomatic. 

When one peels back the layers of pressure that Russia applies against other countries, I am often surprised at the multiplicity and complexity of routes, way, and means of said pressure. I have yet to find a single tidbit of Russian information warfare that is not wicked, mean, vicious, insidious, unethical, and morally bankrupt. This stench, this foul odor is the only commonality.  If I…

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