The Ukrainian Question in 1935, Lancelot Lawton, House Of Commons, 29-May-1935

Kyiv Maidan Revolution


In “Mein Kampf,” Hitler plainly said that Germany must turn away from the West, and that her first aim must be to expand Eastwards into Russian lands.  Since he came to power all his declarations and many of his actions have been in harmony with the passage cited.  One of his chief lieutenants, Rosenberg, himself a Baltic German, is an open advocate of annexing Ukraine to Germany. — Lancelot Lawton

Finally, it is noteworthy that in Mr. Lawton’s 1935 address, at least some British parliamentarians can be seen to be fully aware of Hitler’s intentions towards Ukraine, a little more than six years before he began to implement them in operation Barbarossa starting 22-Jun-1941.

For the time being, “an Appendix containing extracts from International treaties and agreements defining the juridicial position of Ukraine” has not been reproduced below.


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