The Nightmare, etc.: Satirical Political Works by Mark Bryan

On Art and Aesthetics

California-based artist Mark Bryan has painted colourful scenes of circus characters, alien spaceships, seascapes, landscapes, and hilarious visual takes on everyday phrases like “If Looks Could Kill” and “The Elephant in the Room”. But he is most famous for his satirical works on contemporary politics. These show dictatorial generals, the deteriorating environment, shining cities on hills erected at the expense of a poor working class, republics of highly distracted or heavily indoctrinated citizens, and, most recently, narcissistic presidents with hand mirrors…in baby diapers.

Mark writes: “Although turning inward is my first instinct and love, I can’t always stay inside my head and ignore what’s going on in the world. When the circus turns especially ugly or when a good idea appears, I feel the need and responsibility to make some kind of comment. Humor and satire have been my way to confront serious topics which are often too grim to portray…

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