Visualizing the Decolonizing University

Catalyze your story, speak your truth

The ordinary practitioners of the city live ‘down below,’ below the thresholds at which visibility begins. They walk –– an elementary form of this experience of the city; they are walkers, Wandersmänner, whose bodies follow the thicks and thins of an urban ‘text’ they write without being able to read it.

— Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

The spaces that we move through – streets, hallways, rooms, corridors, university campuses – speak. Like a text, we can read them. They speak to us. “Streets record the repetition of acts, and the passing by some bodies and not others” writes Sara Ahmed describing the work of Gill Valente[1]. Michel de Certeau’s “ordinary practitioners of the city” are walkers that write public spaces into existence by what they expect, demand and dream into being; their doing and living leave footprints as…

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