Paid to Prolong a War

Glasnost Gone

To push its divisive propaganda in Ukraine, Russia makes use of a number of western, English speaking individuals. In an effort to distance themselves from previously having worked for Russian state media, in 2016 they started pretending to be “independent and crowd-funded.”

Their freedom of movement in Russian controlled Ukraine, means their reporting can often attract high, YouTube viewing figures. That said, the sheer volume of Russian troll subscribers on YouTube and the ease at which you can use various tricks to fake viewing figures, probably accounts for a good many.

Introducing Patrick Lancaster, an American from St Louis Missouri.
Below is my short video detailing how he works with Russian led forces in Ukraine.

In 2014 – 2016 Lancaster worked as a camera man for Graham Phillips. From the UK, Phillips shameful and illegal activity in Russian occupied Ukraine, forms a long and unpleasant list, one which includes the…

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