33,869 Russian Soldiers cross into Ukraine

Glasnost Gone

Since August 2014, the OSCE has monitored two of the 12 Ukrainian border crossings, currently controlled by Russia. Every week they produce a report detailing what vehicles and types of people crossed in and out of Ukraine. One of the more illuminating totals, is their observations on those seen wearing military clothing.

From Aug 2014 – Jan 2nd 2018, a total of 33,869 individuals were observed wearing Military style outfits. These either crossed into Ukraine, or exited the country, back into Russia. This however is just the tip of the invasion iceberg. The OSCE state, that due to people travelling in vehicles, they cannot possibly see everyone who maybe wearing military clothing.

At the start of the conflict, the OSCE reported that some of these military dressed individuals told them what they were doing. Once inside Ukraine, they said they collect their weapons and equipment from nearby collection points and…

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