Encouraging Terrorism in Ukraine

Glasnost Gone

Most people who have followed the conflict in Ukraine, will be aware of the illegal and deeply unpleasant actions of Graham Phillips, not least of which being his looting of dead Ukrainian soldiers wallets. As with US national Patrick Lancaster, Phillips from the UK, is obviously paid by Russia, to sow division and hatred in Ukraine.

Like Lancaster, he embarrassingly claims to be “independent and 100% crowdfunded,” yet has shown no evidence of independence and virtually none proving he’s funded by public donations. Having launched only a handful of Indiegogo crowd-funders, and yet despite at times few donations, Phillips still sees through all projects he desperately needed funding to complete. Again, as with Lancaster, these crowdfunding campaigns appear to be nothing but sham cover stories, with Russia paying for everything and both Lancaster & Phillips keeping any donated money.

A good example on this, is the last year spent living…

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