‘Communism and Christianity are essentially the same idea’, Russian State TV Present Putin In A Cult Of Personality

The Global Beacon

Russian President Vladimir Putin visits Valaam monastery in 2016Orthodoxy is a key part of the nationalist and conservative world view espoused by President Putin


“Long presented as the bare-chested, macho leader who defends Russia against the West, President Vladimir Putin now has a rather more mystical image in state media.

With elections looming in March, leading state-controlled TV channels are roping in religion to cast him as a national saviour who healed Russia’s historical divisions and rescued the nation from chaos.

The main vehicle is a recent documentary on top national channel Rossiya 1 about a monastery widely thought to be Mr Putin’s favourite – Valaam, on a remote archipelago in northern Lake Ladoga.

Closed under Soviet rule and almost completely ruined by years of neglect, Valaam has been rebuilt since the collapse of the USSR, with – as the film implies – vital support from Mr Putin.

Screengrab from the Rossiya 1 documentary ValaamThe Rossiya 1 programme depicts the Valaam monastery as…

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