“Friendship with Russia” – thats how the war against Ukraine starts, wiht Russian propaganda…


Text by @Prizrak_opery

https://twitter.com/Prizrak_opery https://twitter.com/Prizrak_opery

The war in Ukraine began with the creation of “societies for friendship with Russia”. Here, look. It also happened in Ukraine before the war. With Russian money, a whole network of organizations of “friendship with the Russians” was created throughout Ukraine. In every town. Including (especially) the now occupied Ukrainian Crimea. Here is a list of organizations build by Russia or Russian citizen: https://sunrise-ukraine.livejournal.com/3907.html

The orientation of these organizations was diverse and varied.”The study of the Russian language,” “The study of Russian culture,” “Cultural exchange with the Russians,” “Research is not important, but Russian,” etc. The structure of these programs was designed in such a way that participants were dragged into the fields of Russian propaganda without noticing it themselves.

In those cities, which included armed groups of Russian terrorists (Lugansk, Donetsk, Slavyansk, Odessa), the members of these organizations where transformed to the so-called “militia”…

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