Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés


It’s been a bit of a tough year on the personal front. Nothing truly terrible has happened, but I have found myself in a situation where I feel I have been robbed of all my power, my ferocity, and I have found myself wondering where it has gone and why I have allowed it to be stripped from me. I have always been a strong-willed woman, determined and generally quite formidable, but recent events have shown that formidable nature to be somewhat diminished and I realised I have somehow colluded in allowing this part of my nature to be cowed. I have been disappointed in myself, saddened to have been so easily fooled and so easily taken advantage of, and I knew I had to do something to reclaim the wild part of my soul, so that it was not lost forever. I also need to re-empower myself, to rediscover…

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