Michel Foucault – Society Must Be Defended

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What I found most interesting about Foucault is his creation of biopoltics and its distinction from sovereign discipline. The quotes “let die, make live” and “make die, let live” really stood out to me. I think there is a lot of truth in biopolitics, which focuses on populations. An example of “let die, make live” that we talked about was AIDS. I think the AIDS epidemic is a great example of biopolitics because a population was left to die, when there was opportunity to make them live. In a way this can relate to population racism. Instead of a population being targeted for their race, a population based on sexuality was left to die.

Another quote that stood out was “powers hold over life,” meaning the state’s control over the biological. I think in our current time, this is very relevant. Our government wants control over the biological by trying…

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