The commanding buildings of the new Drepung Loseling Meditation & Science Center faced with red laterite stand in their own 11 acre compound beyond the Drepung Loseling campus. When Dalai Lama drove there this morning from Drepung Lachi Monastery, the road was lined with Tibetans eager to greet him as he passed.

At the door to the Center His Holiness cut the ceremonial ribbon and recited auspicious verses, tossing handfuls of flowers and grain into the air as he did so. Once inside, he lit the lamp and on the other side of the room pressed the button that launched the Meditation & Science Center’s new website.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama launching the Meditation & Science Center’s new website at Drepung Loseling Monastery, Mundgod, Karnataka, India on December 14, 2017. Photo by Lobsang Tsering

He was escorted around the Center’s science exhibition. At each installation to demonstrate a key scientific principle, such as gravity, electromagnetism and the laws of light and optics, there was a clear written explanation in Tibetan. There were also articulate monks on hand…

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