Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. What about community and diversity?

Laura on Liberty

Eugene Delacroix’s Liberty Leading the People is an iconic image of The French Revolution. The painting romantically depicts sacred Marianne, the personification of liberty bearing the tricolour and leading the common people in the July revolutions of 1830. The revolution of 1789 and the upheaval that followed in the next century saw France define themselves as a nation that was to be a beacon of equality and epitomise the true meaning of liberty with its republican rule. It is no wonder that the revolution is of such interest to historians (including myself) given its sheer magnitude and the dramatic nature of overthrowing a monarchy and establishing republican rule in an era that was largely dominated and defined by absolutist monarchies.

liberty leading the people Eugene Delacroix, Liberty Leading the People, 1830.

The French Revolution has been studied in tremendous depth by scholars and despite the bloody years of the terror , the revolution has…

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