Cutting up the Image of the Father/ Reconstructing the Third


Essay from a talk given by Vanessa Sinclair at NGBK Berlin as part of the exhibition “Father Figures are Hard to Find”, Spring 2016. Link here.

The role of the father is controversial and especially problematic in the era of patriarchy and capitalism. To explore this journey from a psychoanalytic perspective, I take us back to the early theories of Freud and through a gross history of the development of the theories having to do with the father, whom I prefer to call the Third, as I feel this is a more accurate description of this position, especially today. Also bear in mind that when I refer to the m/Other, I am referring to the mother as well as the big Other to which we all relate constantly. Along those lines an/other refers to the other with a small o. For those of you familiar with Lacanian theory this…

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