“The House with the Stained-Glass Window” by Żanna Słoniowska: On the Changing City of Lviv, a Family and Art

On Art and Aesthetics

The House with the Stained-Glass Window by Żanna Słoniowska translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones (2017, MacLehose Press)

I have mentioned two books by MacLehose Press before—In the Café of Lost Youth by Patrick Modiano and The Sorrows of Mexico: An Indictment of their Country’s Failings by 7 Exceptional Writers—both were amazing. The same publishing house recently released a book called The House with the Stained-Glass Window by Polish novelist and journalist Żanna Słoniowska (translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones).

Słoniowska was born in Lviv, Ukraine in 1978, and attended the Ukrainian Academy of Printing. She moved to Poland in 2002. She lives in Krakow and (I suppose) holds a doctorate from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw. She is the winner of at least two big Polish awards: Znak Publishers’ Literary Prize and the Conrad Award.

Żanna Słoniowska on Authors’ Reading Month 2016, Wrocław, Poland by User “Rafał Komorowski”, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia

The House with…

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