Case Maclaim “A hand gesture can say a thousand words”

Street art and graffiti magazine

Andres Von Chrzanowski aka CASE Maclaim is one of the most creative and innovative urban artists Europe has seen so far. CASE Maclaim was born in 1979 and grew up in East Germany.
Case is one of the founders  of the East German crew Ma’Claim which is probably one of the most renowned urban art crews in the world.
The beginning “Maclaim Crew foundation”
Case began graffiti in the early 90s, and become known in the world of urban art in 1999.
At this time, CASE along with fellow artists Rust and  Akut (the masculine half of the Herakut duo) began to collaborate on joint projects.
Two years later, Tasso joins this artistic group and they found one of the most famous European crews, becoming known as the Maclaim crew.
This group of young and very talented artists have designed and created  some of the best graffiti photorealistic artworks the…

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