‘Do androids dream of electric sheep?’

William Pearse | pinklightsabre

In the den at night with the flue to the gas fire open it’s so drafty it feels like we’re outside, and Dawn and I wrap ourselves in blankets, play vinyl, and it’s a pain to get up and have to flip it. The kids stayed at different houses but we didn’t find out until after our date night/movie was over so we turned around, went back to the store for a bottle of wine, felt like we should stay out longer but didn’t and came back home, where Dawn fell asleep after her first glass.

And though she was asleep I still talked to her about the character from the film, a replicant, the year 2049: and if there’s three types of basic conflict (man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. himself), surely the conflict with self was most interesting: but that wouldn’t be enough to sustain a…

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