A New Dimension: Julie Hrudova Captures Amsterdam at Night

On Art and Aesthetics

“There is always something happening in the streets and it’s different every time. When it gets dark a new dimension of city life emerges,” writes Julie Hrudova on Amsterdam, where she currently lives and works. “As a photographer you are less visible and probably more creepy, but creeping is what we do.”

Julie has put together a series with images that we won’t find in tourist manuals on Amsterdam. We do not see bicycles and canals but foggy streets, a small eatery, a bird by a window, old men smoking and playing cards, shadows and silhouettes of all sorts. At night, the city becomes more mysterious, and somehow, more alive.

Julie Hrudova was born in 1988 in Prague. She obtained a BA in Media and Culture from Amsterdam and an MA in Film and Photographic Studies from Leiden. She is represented by the Dutch agency Hollandse Hoogte. She has worked with…

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