Away from Daily Life into Fantasy World: Drive-in Theatres by Andrew Valko

On Art and Aesthetics

Andrew Valko, a painter living and working in Winnipeg and Vancouver, is known for his intense scenes of neon-lit motels, parking lots, drive-in theatres and lonely women in rooms—sitting, standing, lying, lost in a dreamy, often disappointed, state of mind. The artist tries to leave his paintings open-ended. He says, “I try to create episodes in an ongoing, fragmentary narrative in which the viewers are obliged to read the suggestions, clues and hint and create their own story. I like the fact that they’re multilayered and that everybody can interpret them in a different way.”

Andrew’s collection of drive-in theatres is particularly appealing, featuring large outdoor movie screens. Faces like Marilyn Monroe and Natalie Portman are projected in a landscape of palm trees and street lights. The seductive images represent the very best of the American dream—with hard work anyone can achieve whatever they want and be whoever they aim. But the artist’s portrayal here remains more…

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