Russia, Smarting From Morgan Freeman Video, Attacks The Messenger

To Inform is to Influence

In my last post I stated normal Russian tactics for dealing with highly effective rhetoric. Russian official strategy whenever confronted:

  • Deny, deny, deny
  • Attack the messenger
  • Attack the message
  • Say “we have nukes”

For today’s lesson, boys and girls, please identify what the Kremlin is doing here:

  • “Is Morgan Freeman Stressed Out? The Kremlin Thinks So” (The headline)
  • “Hollywood actor Morgan Freeman is suffering from emotional stress”
  • “Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday dismissed Freeman’s words “as purely emotional” in a conference call with reporters”
  • “Peskov described those leading the campaign as being in a state of “emotional exaltation, a continuation of a form of McCarthyism.””

By Jove, I think you’ve got it, dear readers!  

Yes, Peskov does not have a meaningful response, so he is attacking the messenger. Notice, he knows it is too late for a denial.  “In the Now” already attacked the message and tried…

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