Henryk Skolimowski and Eco-Philosophy

The Chrysalis

When I was an undergraduate student at university, one of my professors tried to interest me in the work of the Polish eco-philosopher Henryk Skolimowski. While I found his approach intriguing, I was pursuing other matters and interests at the time and never followed up on that recommendation. It is perhaps time to rectify that, since I have come to appreciate eco-philosophy and eco-logic as the corrective to Mumford’s “Megamachine” and the threat of totalitarian capitalism.

So, the other day, I received in the mail a copy of Skolimowski’s book Let There Be Light: The Mysterious Journey of Cosmic Creativity, and it took me by surprise. Skolimowski, akin to other eco-philosophers like Rudolf Bahro, has moved from an eco-logical outlook to what can only be described perhaps as “mysticism”.

(Rudolf Bahro and I have an old relationship, in fact. Bahro was a dissident Marxist and a political…

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