Visual Paradoxes of Contemporary Faith-Light relations in Lumen Fidei

Living the Apocalypse

Would it be conceivable for someone to see as black everything that we see as white, and vice versa? (Wittgenstein, Remarks on Colour, II I 84)[1]

faith_wisdom_truth_light_by_shiasoul-d4sxf3lThe New Modernity in the Contemporary

Pope Francis, in his first Encyclical Letter on Faith Lumen Fidei, brings up faith’s light in the name of Jesus – amid resurrections and insurrections of “Pagan”, Hellenistic, “illusory” illuminations, postmodern and multicultural hybridity in “contemporary” culture, “ephemeral idolatries”, ideological and legal critiques to Church and Church scandals among the clergy, and the universal reality of “suffering”, “pain”, and “evil”[2], – to gain fortitude upon inheriting the visual prowess of faith.

This visual prowess adhered to in the name of curiosity and wonder and in the instinctive thirst for the light, for the vision of the truth, is the primary and special mechanism figured to capture the essence of one’s proclivity to live…

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