NATO Hits Russian Raw Nerve With “Forest Brothers”

To Inform is to Influence

Sputnik just published an article titled ”NATO Charging New Propaganda Cannons’: What’s Behind ‘Forest Brothers’ Video?

As soon as I read the following two paragraphs, I knew somebody in Russia was so angry they were spewing and spitting – generally enraged beyond belief.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry severely criticized a video about Nazi collaborators, the so-called Forest Brothers, published by NATO on Twitter. In an interview with Sputnik, political expert Igor Nikolaychuk explained the reasons behind the alliance’s decision to rake up this forgotten subject.

According to Nikolaychuk, NATO has created a new propaganda weapon based on rhetoric that is no longer relevant even in the Baltic countries.

Please allow me to extract a few phrases which have special meaning:

  • Severely criticized
  • Nazi collaborators
  • So-called
  • Forgotten subject
  • New propaganda weapon
  • No longer relevant

These dismissive terms indicated NATO found a festering wound, had figuratively dug a finger into the wound, twisted the…

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