Workforce is ‘Not Optimized’ for Information Warfare

To Inform is to Influence

Admiral Rogers is spot on. 

Russian Information Warfare does not align with US IO, SC, PD, or any organization in the US or the West.  Russian Information Warfare is roughly aligned with a nine-part organization as described by Dr. Igor Panarin in a 2008 paper he submitted.  There are some outliers, however, and we in the West must be flexible in how we analyze and respond to Russian Information Warfare.  To do otherwise would not only be unwise, it would be a tremendous waste of critical resources and folly.  Even receding to the 13 part components of Information Operations of the US Air Force of 1997 would not nearly match what Russia is doing.  What Russia is doing is often illegal, usually unethical, and almost always immoral. 

Unfortunately, conventional efforts by State, DoD, and other parts of the US government fail – badly. 

Call me, I can help.

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